Thursday, June 16, 2005

More earthquake talk

"Witnesses said the quake wasn't strong at the outset but quickly grew in strength. Yeah it did. Bastard laid low at first, lulling us into a false sense of security, letting us think it was just a little rumble and then WHAMMO, it was time to think about ducking under the desk and hoping The Company hadn't scrimped too much and bought the cheap shit.

Well, it wasn't quite that big of a jolt. I only thought about desk ducking for a second. Maybe two seconds. Four at the most!

And you know what? I didn't know there was a 5.2 earthquake in Riverside County (which is right next door to me) this past weekend! And today there's a 5.3 in San Bernadino County (which is right friggen next door to me too!)? Holy crap I gotta get out of So Cal before the big one hits!

A coworker just asked an out-of-state visitor if he felt the earthquake. The visitor mumbled something - I believe it was along the lines of thanking us for putting on quite an interesting form of entertainment for him. Coworker chuckles appropriately.

Then the coworker mentions that there was an earthquake that happened around here on Sunday. Then he mentions the one that shook the ground up north, the one that caused an actual tsunami warning. The coworker pauses dramatically, letting the imminent scariness of it all sink in. Then he says, rather matter-of-factly, "The Big One's coming."

And I'm thinking, well no shit Captain Obvious. Of course its coming! It's just not coming anytime soon. Well, it could, I guess. I could happen tomorrow. It could happen a thousand years from now. But the Big One is most definitely coming.

"Heh," the visitor chuckles slightly, which probably translates to 'you silly Californian nut job'. "Is it really?"

Silly non-california guy just doesn't understand. :)

"Oh yes," the coworker says in all seriousness. "The Big One is coming." And he says it like he believes its coming TOMORROW.

I don't know about that, but I'm sure another 5-er will strike around here soon. Maybe even... dun dun DUN... TOMORROW!


I just gotta say, this earthquake felt really cool. Kinda scary, but still really cool. Especially since I wasn't bonked on the head from falling debris (of course.) :)

So enjoyable, but still, every time someone slams a door or stomps off down the hall - and there's a lot of people stressing out today so therefore much frustrated stomping - there's the slightest bit of rumbling that echoes across the floor and oh my goodness its getting on my nerves! Every time the floor starts to shake I think 'earthquake!' Good thing I'm leaving work in a few minutes.


  1. i really don't know how Californians can handle that. i would seriously freak out if i were in an earthquake. i know it's not something you really think about when you're there, cuz i've been to California many times, but still, freaky. and... come to think of it...i actually HAVE been in an earthquake, but it was very small. so small i didn't even know it had happened. we had been visiting family and had gone out to Knott's Berry Farm (god, i love their jellies) when the earthquake happened. it was weird, cuz all of a sudden they shut all the rides down and i had no idea what was going on. then the employees started telling everyone there had been a small earthquake and things would be closed for a bit. i was like, "wha? really? huh, interesting".

    but if i were in a earthquake that i actually FELT... i would definitely freak out. also, tornados totally freak me out. i adore thunderstorms until they start to verge on the tornado side. then it's scary. we've had a couple tornados through here and they are just not fun. hurricanes kinda suck, too... but not too many full-force ones come up here.

  2. See, I think earthquakes are no big deal because I grew up here and am used to the little ones (though they still do rattle me sometimes). I haven't ever been around any of the really big disastrous ones though. If my house collapsed around me or the freeway crumbled underneath me or any friends or family members were hurt during a monster quake I might think differently about them. :)

    It's mostly what you're used to. I don't think I could stand living somewhere that has several tornados or hurricanes every year. That's just crazy!