Friday, June 10, 2005


Step Right Up And See Carl The Amazing Couch Potato!

Kids pay good cash to see Carl Connors, the crotchety old coot who croaked on his couch. One day Carl's boredom peaked until he couldn't even be bothered to breath. Death by chronic ennui. Now he is stuffed and mounted on his couch for all the paying public to see.

This week's theme is ennui. I thought I'd come up with something better than I did, since I'm doing some extremely mind numbing work right now and I'm bored out of my gourds! I started and quickly abandoned three other stories that just plain sucked. Well, okay, two sucked, the other sort of turned out to be anti-ennui. And with each story I was stuck on using as many words as possible that started with same letter. Or, with the first sentence of the above story, same sounding letters. Yes folks, the alphabet can be fun! I almost gave up on this story because I was quickly bored with it, but I decided I might as well finish it so I could be bored with something else. Like typing this paragraph. Bor-ing. Blah.

I need a stimulant.



A fierce game of dodgeball where I run for my life while my peers try and bean me to death with big rubber balls?

Maybe a good laugh. Yeah, that would do the trick.

Because laughter is, after all, like a Chicken Soup Enema For The Soul™.


  1. i like the idea that he was simply too bored to breath. so he died.

    i also like the NaNo themed FifWoFicFri.

  2. any idea where to get designers condom?

  3. jodi - i think we should design FifWoFicFri shirts. with the byline "for people who just can't handle a whole month of writing." ;)

    cool yap - yes, but my supplier doesn't take referals. too bad so sad. :)