Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Would you rather...

tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. be trapped in a haunted house overnight OR lost in the woods overnight?

I'd rather be trapped in a haunted house where the only thing that can get me is my own imagination. Being lost in the woods would suck because it highly increases your chances of getting eaten by a bear. Bear dinner = major suckitude.

2. walk across 10 feet of hot coals bare foot OR lie down on a bed of nails?

Hot coals. I've seen enough people walk barefoot across hot coals before that I'm sure its relatively easy. The bed of nails thing still gives me the skeevy jeevies whenever I see someone do it. Ouch!

3. listen to non-stop 24 hours of celine dion OR ac/dc?

Non-stop Celine. Because I know the words to a lot of her songs and could sing along. That will make the experience fun. No really, it would! Which in turn would, hopefully, keep my brain from exploding after a couple of hours worth.

4. eat a container of paste OR a bag of flour?

A bag of flour. In the second grade I sat next to a boy who ate paste and it totally grossed me out. He used to spit on my chair too, which now I know, as I've come to realize in all my wisdom, meant he was totally in love with me.

The bag of flour would be hard to eat, but I wouldn't be as grossed out by it, so in the long run it would be easier to consume in such a massive quantity.


  1. i also think that you could sleep through a lot of celine dion... it might be hard to do that with ac/dc.

  2. very good point. though listening to all that ac/dc might tire you out so much you pass out from exhustion before you're even able to fall asleep.