Friday, June 17, 2005

Tonight at the Roxy: Mr. Zucchini and the Gutter Minds!

The Mega Boss: drops off a bag of zucchini (that was grown in her very own garden) on the counter of the cubicle next to mine.

Everyone passing by: ohhs and ahhs at the ginormous zucchini.

One lady even giggled.

"It's HUGE!" *giggle* "I gotta take 'dis one home!" *giggle* "What you thinking? Huh? What you thinking? You dirty minded." *giggle*

I wasn't thinking anything dirty until you made a big deal out of it, dumbass. But now that you mention it, that zucchini is rather *ahem* well endowed. It will love you looooooong time.

An hour later...

Across the Room Coworker asks: Have you grabbed a zucchini yet?

What I said: Uh... not in awhile, no.

Quality of answer?

Jury verdict: Not funny.

What I should have said: Not since the restraining order.

Ba-dum-bum *ching*

Ha! Now that would have been funny. Why couldn't I think of that answer right away? Why did it take me a couple of minutes? My brain always works this way. Grrrrrrr!

I hope someone else asks me that question. I'm ready with the funny now. Bring it on beyotches! Bring. It. ON!

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