Tuesday, June 21, 2005

To Be Filed Under 'Easily Amused'

You know what's fun?

Eating pudding from a Kraft handi-snack plastic tub* without a spoon!

It's like being a kitty kat! A kitty that likes pudding!


So here's to not packing a spoon and not being able to find any plastic ones in the cabinet under the coffee pot at work where there's been spoons every other freaking time I've looked for one.


You know what, this really is the best way to eat pudding. And the handy little tub container doubles nicely as a microphone for the old school Madonna song that's playing.

gonna dress you up in my love, all over, all over...

* Expiration Date: APR 06


  1. that's really the only way to eat food in those little containers, in my opinion. pudding, jello, fruit... you name it. :)

  2. ahhh. you're my kind of people! :)

    my favorite way to eat jello, actually, is to suck it up through a thin little straw - such as a coffee stirrer stick, or the kind of straw they gave you in elementry school cafeterias to drink your milk - because when you do it sounds like you're playing an old atari computer game. :)

  3. whoa, i've never tried that before! guess i need to go buy some jello now. heh. :D