Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Another fog memory just came to mind, as fog memories are want to do...

I went to college (the few years that I have gone) in a city known for its fog. Well, known in the surrounding cities for its fog. It's not like the city's recognized world wide for the fog it gets. Well, as far as I know. Its not like I've investigated its recognition status on a global scale or anything...

Well, like I was saying, Bakersfield gets really foggy during fog season.

So one day during my first year in college, me and my college buddies decided to go see Bakersfield's double A hockey team in action. Nowadays the team is called the Condors. Cool name. Cool mascot. Cool logo with a badass condor gripping a hockey stick with its badass birdy feet.

Badass birdy feet = coolness personified.

But back then? Back when I first saw them play they were known as The Fog. The Bakersfield Fog.

And their mascot?


I kid you not. Their mascot was a big blob of fog! Some poor shmoe had to dress up in a fog costume. It didn't exactly rally up the fans and strike fear in the hearts of The Other Team. Because the mascot guy was a cloud of fog! Nothing cool like a hotdog or a crab. Nope. He was fog. It looked like a weird bunch of really stale grapes.

It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

And, come to think of it, so was the hockey team. Heh.


  1. We had an area high school growing up that was known as the "Jug Rox". It appears that the only thing in their town was a rock in a creek that looked like a jug. They had a guy dress up in this ugly greyish uniform that was a rock, complete with milk jug handle and all, with eyes.

    Too weird


  2. a rock jug mascot??? oh that's just sad. lol.

    if i went to that school i think would have started a petition for a new mascot.