Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Dave Attell always made this look like so much fun.

i'm suffering from insomnia tonight/this morning. well, i'm not really suffering now, but i'm pretty darn sure i will be in five hours when i try and wake up. oh joy.

i was like this, all un-sleepy and shit, the night before i went in for jury duty. i blame that un-sleepiness on the accidental nap i had earlier in the day, and the anxiousness i felt about getting to do the whole jury thing. because i was psyched to do it dudes!

but i can't find an excuse for tonight's insomnia. i didn't take a nap. i'm not anxious about anything that's happening tomorrow (though i was planning on an elaborate big toenail cutting extravaganza... but i doubt that's having any effect over my lack REM status)

i stayed up later than normal to watch tv. and i'm thinking since i was tired before that, my brain dipped into emergency reserve fuel, and it won't stop running until all the energy has been spent . so i thought i'd jump online, get a little multi finger action going to stimulate the brain, and maybe do a crossword or two later. that should wear down the brain.

and thus making me completely worthless tomorrow/today.


*does the crazy banana dance*

gah! why can't i fall asleep???

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