Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Currently wondering how one should go about suggesting mandatory Recess Time to Management

My work place is covered in fog. If I was at my old desk I'd be able to stare out the window in front of me and reflect pleasantly upon the fog's fogginess. But They moved me upstairs to a cubicle type area in the middle of the floor with no window to stare out of. There's not a single window in sight! Bastards.

Not that fog is all that interesting to look at. But sometimes a girl's just got to look at some fog, you know?

Why? To uh... to put her in the mood. The mood for... er... paperwork! That's it. I haven't figured out what exactly puts me in the mood for doing paperwork. It just might be fog. And now I'll never know because I have no fog to look at. *sigh*

I stepped out of my apartment this morning and was met with a beautiful sight. It had rained earlier this morning so everything glittered and shimmered under the presence of bright shiny sunshine rays. The rain soaked leaves on the trees glisten, the rain soaked leaves that had fallen off the trees and rudely littered my front porch twinkled, the rain soaked metal railing that keeps the second floor apartment dwellers from running out their doors and falling off their front porch walk space areas (I have no idea what you call 'em) sparkled.

It was a beautiful and uplifting sight that left me in a good mood. It was all those twinkling and sparkling dewy rain drops. They hypnotized me, tricked me in to being in a good mood even though I was on my way to work. Bastards.

So I drove to work in the midst of these bright shiny sunshine rays. Well, for the first part of the drive that is. As I changed freeways (I take two to work) I suddenly drove into Fog World. There was no gradual shift into Fog World. No time to think, 'hey, I think its getting kind of foggy around here.' It was like BAM! Different freeway, different world. Sunshine over there, fog over here. Strange, that was. And the fog got thicker the closer I got to work.

And thinking about how thick it was [insert dirty minded joke here] made a particular memory pop to the forefront of my mind. I remembered how I used to play hide-n-go-seek in the fog when I was in the first or second grade, and how much fun it was. I'm not sure which grade it was exactly, probably both, because in both grades I was at Oak Grove. And Oak Grove had (to the eyes of a first/second grader at least) an enormous playground. And where ever the school grounds were located was prime for awesomely thick fog.

I remember how my friends and I would run out onto the field, out into the fog until we couldn't see each other any more. Then we'd run and play until we were forced back to Reality, a.k.a. the Classroom, because playing in that kind of fog, a fog so think you couldn't see past the fingernails of your outstretched hand, was like playing in a whole other world.

Sometimes we played Marco Polo. "Marco," the unfortunate soul who had been chosen as 'it' would yell. "Polo," cried several discombobulated voices from the ether. It was like being in Mother Nature's very own carnival Fun House. And it ever so nicely evened up the playing field, being in the thick fog, because everyone who was 'not it' was just as blind as the 'it' guy. "Marco" a voice yelled, giving us a point of reference so we knew where not to run. "Polo," we replied as we ran through the fog, into the nothingness in front of us, not knowing what, or who, we'd run into. And not really caring while we did, as one so young is so able to do.

It was scary and thrilling at the same time, that not knowing. One wonders if, in one's older and slightly more jaded stage in life, with the carry on baggage of Experience and Wider Knowledge of What Big Bad Scary Monsters Are Actually Out There that has trouble fitting in the overhead compartment, if one would find it as thrilling, that running and not knowing. One wonders, and thinks... yes.

So yeah, I'm sitting here missing recess time. And running around playing tag with my friends in a fog so thick we eventually ended up smacking into one another because we couldn't see anything until they were smack dab in front of us.

Because that right there is fun my friends. That is pure and simple fun.

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