Friday, March 11, 2005

I've died and been promoted to office heaven

Earlier today, one of the Upper Ups here on the second (and top) floor mentioned that she really needed some chocolate. So one of the other Upper Ups, while she was out and about getting lunch, stopped by Costco and bought a huge chocolate cake. For everyone to share.


Only problem is she placed it on the little ledge thingy in the corner of my cubicle. A Huge. Chocolate. Cake. Right within smelling distance.


My desk was unoccupied for a long time, so the little ledge thingy was the place to put snacks and goodies for the whole floor to munch on. Since I've taken up residence here no one's gotten the hint to use the still unoccupied cubicle to my right. So the nummy smelling bad-for-you-food gets put right in front of me!

The force is strong with me, but even a powerful jedi like myself can not resist the persuasive power of moist, rich, chocolate cake with REAL frosting.

Except of course, my dear strange alien friend Zoink, who is immune to the come-hither vibes of chocolate.

Damn. This cake is gooooooooooooooooood. Best damn chocolate cake I've had in... well, probably forever. Except for my buttermilk brownie cake of course but other than that supreme creation this chocolate cake is the chocolately bestest.

Can I just say that I love working upstairs. I miss my old desk neighbors and would rather be back downstairs, but Upstairs certainly has its perks.

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