Tuesday, March 15, 2005

tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. be responsible for an oil tanker crash off the coast of alaska OR cause a rebellion in a developing nation?

Thinking optimistically, the rebellion wouldn't cause any human deaths, while the oil tanker will most definitely kill animals and plants and the environment. And no one likes a penguin killer. (Those that do, don't count.) So I'd rather cause the rebellion. And maybe if I'm clever/stupid enough to cause a rebellion, maybe I can cause a fixer-upper situation and make everything better than it was before the rebellion.

2. get locked out of your house while naked OR throw up all over yourself in the middle of an important meeting?

The latter, because throwing up all over myself only harms myself, whereas being naked outside is harmful to all.

3. wake up to find your feet have grown two sizes OR hair all over your back that grows back every night?

Don't know how the HB would handle my sudden spouting of back hair... but I don't know how I'd deal with finding shoes to fit my all ready enormous feet. I hear enough bitching from my mom and brother about the troubles of finding shoes that fit them, I don't want to hear my own. So I guess if I had to pick... just call me chi-chi-chi-chia.

4. eat nothing but cheese for a week OR only chinese food for two months?

Consuming too much cheese gives me a headache. And makes things go gurgle gurgle down in the tummy. So I'd rather eat Chinese food for 2 months. Plus Chinese food has more variety than cheese does, so the diet shouldn't get too boring.


  1. If my feet grew two sizes, they'd only be an 8 and a half. that's not bad, right?

    also, i could EASILY eat cheese for a week. no problem.

  2. mmmm... me too. i love cheese.

    and my feet would only be 9-9 1/2 if they grew two sizes. i'd much rather have that then back hair. ew.

  3. i love cheese. in moderation. i could eat it every day, just not all day, with nothing in between.