Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Caution: Evil Genius At Work

My former Desk Neighbor, Sal, just called me up on the phone.

Me: Yo (not my official office phone greeting, but I have caller ID and knew who was calling me)
Sal: It's ST.
Me: What? (it took me a second to realize he'd said his initials, which aren't really ST. I made those up because I've changed his name to protect the innocent - namely me)
Sal: It's ST. Do you feel like FB?
Me: *blinks*

He was talking in code (he's silly like that) but it was a code I wasn't given a decoder ring for. I asked him for clarification.

Me: huh?
Sal: Do you feel like FB?

I guess I was talking in code as well because he didn't elaborate. I tried to figure out what FB meant. What could FB possibly stand for?

My Brain: FB... FB... FB... ... ... Fat Bunnies?

That's right folks. Fat Bunnies. That's what this evil genius mind of my mine came up with. Go on. Admire the geniusness all you want.

My Brain: Fat Bunnies??????

As soon as I thought 'fat bunnies' - and thought about how stupid brilliant it was - another possibility came to mind. The right one this time.

Me: Oh! Farmer Boys! (the restaurant right across the street)
Sal: Yeah. Farmer Boys. What did you think I meant?
Me: Er... So you want to go over there now?

If only I could harness this awesome brain power for good, namely to make gobs of money without working too hard.


  1. well, my first thought was way naughtier than yours.

  2. that's because i'm innocent and pure and the only thing dirty in my head are images of big fuzzy bunnies playing in the mud.

    *adjusts halo*