Tuesday, March 08, 2005

All those rumors you've heard about me are false. Except for maybe the velvet chicken one.

No, I'm not dead. And no, I didn't chance upon a pot of gold and leave the world of rat racing behind. And no, I don't know how scary Michael Jackson looks in person because I'm not on his jury (thank goodness). I'm done serving my judicial duty, which I did quite marvelously thank you very much. *takes bow*

I'm all find and dandy, if 'fine and dandy' can include such states as being overworked and underpaid and inflicted with the evils of snot.

I haven't blogged in awhile, a fact in which I will try and remedy by posting this bit, and as many other bits as I can get away with here at work. The blog hiatus happened because, well, you see, there was jury duty (which I did for 9 frelling days and might write about later) and I included in the break from the work computer the home computer as well (to which my eyes thanked me extensively. You should see the cute little card they sent). And then there was this recovery period at work from Paperwork Overload because of the jury duty. And my allergies have been acting up for the past week or so, turning my body into a mass producing snot factory. And now there's this whole desk relocation situation I'm dealing with at work, which is going to make blogging from here a bit trickier. I'll have to start getting in the habit of blogging from home again I think. Or becoming sneakier at work. Or both. Yeah, both. :)

Now if blogger would stop being such a pain in the ass and actually let me post this sometime in the next millennia...

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