Tuesday, March 29, 2005

tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. be at the epicenter of a major earthquake OR in an area under severe tornado warning?

I was just talking about this with my mom last weekend. I'm glad I don't live in/near the paths of tornados. I'm glad I don't live where there's a 'hurricane' season. I'm glad I don't live on or near a hill that's being destroyed - along with all the homes on top of it - by the all the rain we were getting here in southern California. And while I do live near the big ass San Andreas fault line (and even closer to some smaller fault lines), I'd rather live here than anywhere else. Because tornados and hurricanes happen a lot more often than the major earthquakes.

But if two major disasters were happening right now, and I had to pick which one I'd rather be in the middle of, I think I'd pick the tornado. Because if I'm in Tornado Land I'd be closer to a basement/cellar/underground dwelling where I could hide from the tornado. I don't know of any earthquake proof hidey holes around here - other than the space under my desk or the area under the door frame - and I don't think those will be much protection if the epicenter of The Big One decided to set up shop here in Last-Big-Earthquake-Down-Here-Happened-Years-Ago-So-I'm-Completely-Safe-No-I-Don't-Think-That-Means-We're-Overdue Land.

2. have to replay your worst birthday over and over (like the movie groundhog day) OR your most embarrassing day in high school?

The most embarrassing day in high school. Because it would be an easily fixable situation (since I would be able to fix it if I'm like Phil in the Groundhog movie). My worst birthday, my 21st, is not so easily fixable and its one I'd rather not think about, let alone live again. Phooey!

3. have hair that feels like coat hanger wires OR skin that feels like a cat's tongue?

Wire hair. Because I can cut my hair short so its out of the way and not so easily feel-able. I can't cut the cat tongue skin off, which would mean the end to my rub-up-again-strangers-for-money street performer routine.

4. have skin that always looks dirty, no matter how clean you are OR feet that smell like cooked cabbage?

The smelly feet. Because that's why God invented shoes. Even if he didn't directly invent shoes, God invented the guy who would invent shoes. God also invented the guy with smelly cooked cabbage feet. Probably so that his friend would invent smell concealing shoes. He's mighty clever, that God.

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