Tuesday, March 22, 2005

tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. have a giant sunflower grow out of the top of your head OR cotton balls under your arms?

Oh. My. Gawd. Are you kidding me? I would love to have a sunflower growing out of the top of my head! My hair is so blah the way it is, with the ultimate hair accessory I'd be the ultimate in cool. Everyone would envy me and want to know my secret. I'd be on magazine covers like Teen Beat and Vogue. I'd be on talk shows like the Daily Show and the KTLA morning news program.

I could be the ultimate flower child poster child!

2. always yell at the top of your lungs OR never be able to speak above a whisper?

I've always been a loud one. When I actually talk that is. :) For being a shy, quite, awkward little girl, I was always the loudest speaker in class. It was just slightly less than mortifying.

I hated reading aloud in class. Especially around the third and fourth grade because I was attending a new school and just wanted to fit in, be like all the other girls. I always dreaded the inevitable, my name being called to read the next paragraph, which was always the longest paragraph in the whole book. It's not that I couldn't read, I did so rather well even back then thank you very much. I just had one volume setting to my voice: loud. Almost all the other girls had quiet voices. Some even talked so softly you could barely hear them. But when it was my turn I was decibels higher. The volume rang in my ears and a little voice in my head said, 'Sheesh! Keep it down will ya?' But I didn't know how. I'm sure I wasn't as loud as I assumed I was, or even remember I was, but I was still louder than most.

So I think I wouldn't mind being a whisper. It'd be a nice change. Besides, you can't keep yelling at the top of your lungs for too long. You're poor throat would give out on your.

3. not be able to say the letter 'B' OR make all your 'S' sounds like 'SH'?

The second option. I have to be able to say the word 'Bitch', in any form (singular, plural, noun, verb, ghetto-fied, etc) or I'll explode. I really will.

Because how else can I retaliate - when I'm playing cards with my family, and I draw the one card my mom needs and she says, in a very sweet and motherly tone, 'you bitch' - I have to be able to call her a bitch in return. It's part of the fun!

I actually love it when my mom says this to me during a card game. She says it in a very light hearted, funny way which always makes me giggle.

4. eat EVERYTHING covered with chocolate sauce OR have a side of graham crackers with every meal?

I like chocolate. And every few weeks or so I friggin love the stuff. But even during those glorious couple of days I don't think I'd want to eat everything covered in chocolate sauce. That just sounds gross. Unless all I eat is ice cream or frozen yogurt. Or cake and cookies. I can't think of anything else I wouldn't mind eating after its been chocolate sauce-itized. I don't even like chocolate dipped strawberries so fruits out of the question. I'd be dead in a week from a sugar OD.

So I'd rather eat graham crackers.

And speaking of chocolate and graham crackers... am I the only one who doesn't get smoores? Maybe I just haven't had a good one before, that's why I don't like them. Who knows. I just don't see the point. Graham crackers are good, yes. Chocolate is good, double yes. Marshmallows are good, very much yes. But all melted and smooshed together? Ehh... I just don't get it. Kind of like strawberries and chocolate. Bleagh.

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