Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Episode II: Attack of the Big Bad Bike

And the saga continues. The HB called me yesterday at work, after him and the bike had fallen over a couple times in the parking lot, to tell me buying the motorcycle might not have been the greatest idea in the world.


I hope this is his midlife crisis and I hope he gets over it quickly. I should have been the rational one, the clear thinking one. Only problem is I thought I was being the rational one. I don't know anything about motorcycles and didn't think buying one would be a problem. And it wouldn't have been if he had the time to relearn how to drive a motorcycle at his own pace (and learn how to drive the high powered one he just had to fall in love with above all others.) But he has no other vehicle to drive in the mean time so it's the motorcycle or else. And I think that might have freaked him out just a tad.

I told him, as I touched his motorcycle owie (a big ol' knot on the side of his leg that he kept calling his hematoma) for the umpteenth time ('yes dear, I can feel that its a big bump') and made sympathetic noises ('ah poor baby'), that the next time this happens, the next time he wants to buy something big and extravagant, I'm going to play the devil's advocate and nag nag nag until I seem like I'm no fun. I told him to remember this moment, because I'll only be doing it for his/our own good.

I'm sure he'll forget.

His dad has a car he can borrow... but it won't be available for another week or two. So that will be nice. Until then we're playing car tag. And will probably go rent a car later today. Which I'll be paying for since the HB has absolutely no money until Friday (payday). Well, he did have three dollars, but when I asked for one of the dollars for the vending machines here at work he gave them all to me. What a sweetie. And the motorcycle... well, who knows what will happen with it. We might try and sell it and see if some sucker comes along to buy it for more than we paid for it. Or sell it if we can get a reasonably close sum of money. Or after a week or two, after a few driving lessons, the HB and the motorcycle might bond with each other and never want to part. Who knows...

And after I'd built up all these hopes of finally being a biker bitch!

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