Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Discarded Interoffice Email Subject Header #12: Dear Stupid Ass Bitch

I am so hoppin' flippin' mad right now. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

A supervisor did something she shouldn't have done. Twice! So a guy in my department sent an email to our boss, and only our boss, saying something like, 'hey, she's doing this wrong and its screwing us up.'

Our boss forwarded the email to her boss, and only her boss, saying something like, 'hey, I know we're busy buy we have to follow procedures.'

Her boss then forwarded the same email to her, and only her, and said something like, 'let's make sure we follow the new procedures that have been set up because it will help everyone and make things run smoother.'

All sounds nice and simple, don't it?

I don't know if they talked to about this face to face or not, but she was certainly pissed. So pissed she went into CYA overdrive.

She forwarded the email to the guy who sent the first email, as well as his boss, her boss, and for icing on the CYA cupcake she cc'ed The Boss. And the topic of the email: its all my fault she messed up.


In the email she says the problem was a "direct result of CM issuing double PO's". Which is completely bogus. Then she babbles on about not doing something because she didn't think it was her responsibility, but none of that makes sense. If she was following the very simple procedures (of which I've instructed her on at least twice already) there would be no room for this problem to even start! Then she says she knew of the problem but, "My response was 'oh well... I guess they'll figure it out." Yeah, after it screws everything up you lazy dumbass! And then, and then, to end the email she types this: "I am sorry I didn't have the time to double check someone else's area of responsibility, but I now see that I must in order to be in compliance with our procedures"

Whatever bitch! Just do your goddamn job right and you won't need to worry about it!!!!!


I'm going to take a deep breath and try to calm down a bit. It's either that or get all kung fuey on her ass. Then I'll write up a concise and well written reply, throwing in a 'if you need me to explain this to you again so you quit fucking up, please let me know. I'm only too happy to help.'


  1. ooh! get kung fu! get kung fu!! i would love to see that.

    which is funny cuz i can't really see it. but, whatever...

    i can totally relate to your situation, loon, and it sucks, i agree. luckily for me the person spreading all the bullshit was known for doing just that and my boss believed me. just hang in there dude, things will blow over. she was just acting defensive because she knows she's wrong. hopefully your bosses will see that.

  2. If I ever do get Kung Fuey I'll try and make sure there's a camera nearby. And someone nearby to snap the pics for me so I can share them everyone. I could post them on a blog with the tag line: You too can live the Fu Experience.

    Oooh! Another good reason to buy a camera phone!

    Or a video recorder... or a webcam...

    Ooooh! Loon's Office Kung Fu Webcam! One year subscription for only $19.99!

  3. oh, and thanks. i think the bosses know she's just trying to throw the blame elsewhere. at least that's the impression i got from my boss. hopefully the others are just as smart. :)

  4. i suggest you go the more way of the ninja.

  5. ah yes. a most wise suggestion. silly supervisor moron lady will not be able to stand against the way of the ninja.