Friday, March 18, 2005

T. G. I. F.

And no, I don't mean Twister Groin Injury Foundation.

It's that time again little chickadees and chickadudes to Answer That Question.

So raise your hand, raise your hand if you're sure I've done work today.

To all those raising their hands... 100 bonus points!
To all those with their hands elsewhere... stop that, I can see you, you know.

Yes, I have done work today. All I needed to do and more actually. What can I say, I'm just an over achieving super star that way.

As a reward to myself I've been playing working on a little sumthin' sumthin' (details to come later if any interesting details develop). I've also been checking out jodi's blog. And when I saw that Johnny Depp quiz I just knew I had to take it as well.

You Are Ed Wood From "Ed Wood."

You definitely have your name in history, although probably not for the reason you believe. Yet you are very accepting, non-judgemental, and optimistic almost to a fault. You also have a thing for angora sweaters. How could anyone not like you?

Take The Johnny Depp Quiz!

Yay! I'm... Ed Wood? Well, at least I'm famous. And I guess the 'very accepting, non-judgemental...' bit is a good thing.

And seriously, how could anyone not like me? How??? HOW???

I'm not wearing an angora sweater, but the sweater like shirt that I am wearing is shedding. Little pink fuzz balls keep popping up on my sweater shirt. I remove one, look around, don't see anymore and continue on about my business. Then half an hour later... whammo! Another little pink fuzz ball is floating around the boobage area. So I remove it. Which gives the Go Ahead sign to all the little pink fuzz balls lying in wait for their chance to make an appearance. All I can say is, thank god they're not all trying to pop out at once. I'd look really silly trying to get rid of them all. And they're very light so they sort of float off in to the distance when I try and discard them.

*sung to the tune of Tiny Bubbles*

Tiny fuzz balls
In my Dr. Pepper
Makes me feel funny
Makes me feel...

... like a leper?

Okay. That's it. I'm not using Dr. Pepper in any more of my made up songs. Hrmph!


  1. using the dr. pepper in a song is not for the squeamish, ed. let's see

    tiny fizz balls
    in my dr. p
    make me feel funny
    make me hapPEE.

    hmmmm... ok.

    tiny fizz balls
    in my dr pepper
    give me energy
    ed's not short for edgar

    there you go!
    xox, Sam

  2. *clap clap clap*
    mahvelous dahling. simply mahvelous.