Thursday, April 29, 2004

3 questions

first question: why is the word 'blog' not in this blog's spell checker?

does that make sense? its a BLOG. so i might write the word BLOG in an entry. not a totally out there idea. so its not a misspelled word! yeah, okay, 'blog' is not a REAL word, just a MADE-UP word. but so what? is my made-up friend any less real just because no one else believes in him and the doctor says he's just a figment of my imagination but he's real dammit he's REAL!

bet Blogger Spell Checker ignores Mr. Bunnysnuffles just like everyone else does.

::blows raspberries at Blogger Spell Checker::

second questions: why the fuck doesn't the blog spell checker recognize 'fuck' as a word?

its just another word getting snubbed by the MAN. the Spell Checker MAN. what the fuck is up with that?

third question: why are the first two questions bothering me so much this morning that i felt the need to exercise the demons with a blog post?

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