Thursday, April 15, 2004

more self-portraits

I found this 'make a face' site a while back. I love playing around with these kind of sites, and love making fake pictures of myself that are semi-depressingly so much cuter looking than actual pictures of me. So... uh... yeah. Here's me...

In case you are wondering... yes, that's a Bajoran earring I'm wearing on the right side. And yes, I uh... I really have one of those. Though I haven't worn it in years. (not since Star Trek: The Next Generation ran out of new episodes.) Not only was I geeky enough to own one, I was geeky enough to make it myself! I used to be really arts and crafts-y. Besides, I couldn't find any real Bajoran jewelry anywhere, so what else was I supposed to do? ::insert geeky smile here::

Here's me in my Sydney 'Alias' Bristow/ La Femme Nikita (tv show) hybrid crime fighting look.

The hair alone is a powerful crime fighting tool. Don't mess with me punk or I'll bitch slap you with my ponytail. My Power Ponytail of Mass De-Whomp Ass-struction! ::insert heroic champion bugle sounds here::

And here is a picture of Zoink's good friend and my alter ego, Kreeble...

I'm a pretty bad ass looking alien if I do say so myself. Heh.

Okay. Last one and then I'm done (for now - this site rocks the cat socks!). Here's Midge, my finicky muse...

At least that's what she looks like today, because she's always changing her hair color. Just like her favorite television character of all time Mrs. Slocombe from one of the funniest shows of all time, Are You Being Served?

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