Friday, April 02, 2004


No, this isn't a post about French Warbling Frogs. Or Funky Weather Forecasters. Or even Four Weird Fortunes for that matter. It's just another one of my Fifty Word Fiction stories.

This is for jodi, who seems to get a kick out of the fact that I once wrote about an alien that had talking eyebrows. She suggested I include the talking eyebrows in my next writing assignment. I'm not sure if I want to get that wacky with the scene. But I might :) . In case I don't, though, I thought I'd feature the eyebrows in a little Fifty Word Fiction story.

Rude Customers

Angie couldn't believe her eyes. Or her ears.
"This isn't real," she whispered, staring in horror as Pierre's eyebrows began to wiggle.
"We're real all right," said Pierre's eyebrows. "We're also hairy. So stop staring and give us a trim, would ya? Snip snip!"
Angie gulped and got to work.

If anyone out there would like to make a request, or suggest a theme (llama pajama races), or a character (Kiki the Ninja Cat), or a phrase ('don't touch the purple frog') or just one word (splendiferous), anything else that I can include in my next Fifty Word Fiction story, just request/suggest away. And I will attempt to create brilliance in just fifty words.

I kind of like the Kiki the Ninja Cat one. Brings to mind some interesting images. I just might have to try that one out sometime. :)

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