Friday, April 16, 2004

loon's poetry corner

I found this new site that says its "a screamingly fun meme for those who love to rhyme."

Screamingly fun? Sounds... er... fun. Because I love to rhyme. Well, I like it more than I'd like eating a lime. And it sure is a lot more fun that exfoliating bathtub grime. I just need to find the time to rhyme. No time to rhyme is a crime! But today I have time. And have written a poem that is sublime!

Well, it's not really. It's not even in the same zip code as sublime. It's not even a disowned distant cousin thrice removed from sublime. I just got carried away with the rhymes there for a minute. Does anyone have a peanut?


for Bout 1: A Simple Pair of Quatrains you are given a list of words you have to rhyme (they are the last words in each line of the poem). After much struggling here's what I finally came up with. But please, I must ask you, please refrain from clapping until after the poem is over. Thank you.

Hugely Hung Henry walked into a bar
Sat down at a table and picked up a plume
He sang as he strummed his feather guitar
The patrons started to fume

The bartender cried, "What is this tripe?"
Henry smiled and sang out his credo:
"If ever you find out that your talents aren't ripe
Make sure you're packing between your legs a torpedo!"

And since that was such wonderful, powerful, moving, poignant crappage, I think I'll try my hand at the second Bout. HeeHee!

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