Monday, April 12, 2004

Mad Morning Dash recap

I try not to say this often, especially when he's within earshot, but the HB was right.

Lately we've been waking up at the same time every weekday. The alarm hollers like a rooster on a bad acid trip and the HB rolls over and turns it off. That's the signal for me to get up and do my morning thing. And for him to go back to sleep for twenty more minutes. I hate that, watching him snuggle back under the covers while I have to get up and join the waking world. It sucks.

Last night he said he didn't have to go into work so early. He warned me, saying that as soon as he hit the alarm he was going back to sleep for two more hours (lucky bastard) and that he wouldn't be awake to make sure I was awake (which he has to do sometimes because I ignore the need to go to work (and the more immediate need to pee) and try and cop a few minutes of warm cover snuggle time, and sometimes I fall back asleep.)

I told him 'no problem, I'll be awake.' If I weren't half asleep at the time I would have realized that I should have traded him sides, on the off chance that that would guarantee me waking up (he's designated alarm-turner-offer because I sometimes tend to turn the bloody thing off in my sleep). I should have realized that I wouldn't be at my most alertness this morning with less than five hours of sleep behind me (the reason why I was up so late is a gross tale of some Evil Devil Food that did not agree with me so I won't go into that any further). I should have realized all of this, but I didn't.

I normally wake up at 5:00 am. And roll out of bed a couple of minutes later. Then I spend the next twenty minutes or so getting ready. I try to leave my apartment around 5:30 to allow time for traffic accidents and stupid drivers and such and usually end up at work a few minutes before 6:00.

So guess what time it was when I woke up this morning.

5:34 am

Yeah. Holy crap is right! Seeing that time displayed on the alarm clock was better than coffee at waking me up. After the HB (who luckily is a light sleeper and was worried I wouldn't wake up so he woke up and..) woke me up and said 'hey, you're late' I looked at the clock, realized I should be making my way out to my car at this point in the morning, and shot out of bed like my panties were on fire. I dressed quickly, brushed my teeth like I was six years old and in a hurry to watch Saturday morning cartoons, and ran out the door zipping up my pants. And, in all the madness, I still remembered to put on deodorant! Go me!

I got to work safe and sound, and I swear I didn't speed more than I normally do, and managed to clock in at 5:59 am. I think I'm ready to try for my Mad Morning Dash Loony Scout badge. During test time, though, I'd get marked down for not grabbing something to eat for lunch. D'oh! No lunch for me today. Darn it. Though maybe I still have some gum in my purse...

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