Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Snot Soldiers vs. Warm Fuzzy Warriors

What's On your outside thermometer Right Now?

I don't have an outside thermometer here, but according to the yahoo weather site, the zip code I work in (which is in Ontario, California) is currently 55° Fahrenheit (13° Celsius). It's a nice kind of cold outside with a mixture of clouds and sun in the sky.

I just went out to my car a few minutes ago and I just have to say that I love mornings like this. Mornings where its chilly outside (but not too chilly), the sky is fully of gray clouds with the sun trying to peak through whatever holes it can find, and several birds (I heard three different ones this morning) are chirping away, singing their morning songs of 'Good morning to you!' and 'Hey! Who leggoed my Eggo!' and 'Mom! I can't find my homework!'

I fucking love it.

It's like soul food. A soul jump start. Zzzzt!

I woke up this morning with a drippy nose and sore throat, so I was in a bummed-out, consumed-by-snot, sort of ass-dragging mood. But now I'm not. I've still got the snot, but the snot doesn't have me. Because, for the moment, I'm a slave to the warm fuzzies in my tummy. :)

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