Friday, April 30, 2004

the potty mouth is gone... for now

I was wrong yesterday. I'm not getting punished for ditching yesterday's MEETING (which I heard was one of the most boring ones yet.) Turns out everyone in my department has to go to the meeting today. Doesn't matter what shift you're on - first, second, third - everyone in my department has to show up at 3 this afternoon (if the HEAD HONCHO can track everyone down in time and tell them about it - which is really weird, considering that he's doing it, and not one of his peons... strange.)

So I don't feel so bad about going. Sure, it sucks to have to stick around, on a friday, but at least I'm not alone. People who leave earlier than I do have to stay as well and suffer with me. Mwhahahahahahaha!

Have no idea what the meeting is about. But a little birdie here in the office thinks some major shit might be going down. Yikes. Can't wait until 3! Wheeee!

"I've got my happy face on today Les," - Shirley, Strictly Ballroom

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