Thursday, April 01, 2004

ho hum

At first I didn't want to title this post with just 'ho hum' because it didn't seem interesting enough. So I though, I need to liven it up a bit. Give the title a bit of flair. But just a tiny bit, because I'm not in a big flair kinda mood. So I thought about it. And thought of 'ho hummers'. The '-mers' at the end giving it a nice little *ding* at the end to separate it from the rest of the 'ho hum's. I typed it out. And only then realized what I'd come up with. Ho hummers. I didn't want to give you, dear reader(s), the impression that this post was going to be about how hoes give hummers. Because that post is for an entirely different day. A day when I'm not writing a post that's titled 'ho hum'. Mainly, its titled that because I can't think of anything better to write. And a post about hummers of the ho variety deserves a kick ass title.

So anyway, the point of this post is to mention that I'm in a real pisser of a mood. And it must have shown because my next desk neighbor Mr. Funnypants asked what was wrong. I said 'nothing really. Just in a bad mood.' I must have looked really bummed, because he asked me if I wanted some of the burrito he was eating. I said no thanks.

And he said, "share it now or share it later."

And as gross as that is, because I really don't want to know he'll be sharing his burrito induced farts with his officemates, it made me smile.

Then he shared with me something he tells his nieces and nephews and grandkids when they come over to visit. He tells them, "Don't worry. If the dog doesn't like you, she'll spit you right out."

Poor kids. Ha ha ha.


I'm feeling slightly better now after that mini chuckle.

Also helping with the pisser mood reducing was the half donut I ate earlier. It was the best damn donut I have ever eaten in my whole entire life. No joke. It was one of those glazed twisty donuts. It was big and fluffy and fresh and glazed to perfection. Someone in this office had a donut, but didn't want all of it, so he offered to half it with me. I was the one who had to break it in half, and since it wasn't mine to begin with, I took only about a third. But that tiny little third was so damn good. I was hesitant to ask where he got the donut, because I'd be forced to buy donuts from there every single day. But I asked anyway. Because curiosity is a powerful bitch. He said some rep gave it to him. So the donuts origins remain a mystery. Which is a good thing I guess.

The little piece of donut will be like a one-night-stand of passion with a sex god. I will part with the sex god (aka the perfect donut) who rocked my world with no exchanging of phone numbers. No promises to stay in touch. He will be just a fond memory. A warm gooey memory of full of satisfaction and glazed sugar. Mmmm... If you can't tell the donut cheered me up a bit too.

The weather here is a bit on the cold side. And its all icky and overcast outside. Which tends to give me warm fuzzies sometimes. I don't know why. Reminds me of some early morning trips to the beach or something. Its that first cold, overcast day after a bright sunny day that gives me the warm fuzzies. If it’s the tenth day in a row the novelty of it wears off. I love bright sunny days. I also love overcast days. When its cold outside. Cold enough to make you want to huddle into your clothes. And go home and huddle under the covers with some thing or some one.


I feel a little bit better now. A little bit more than before. It's as if writing down all the moments that have made me smile today has increased the smiles' potency. Strange, that. But I'll take it. And roll with it. And find something else that will make me smile. And I'll be cured of the bummer blues in no time.


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