Thursday, April 01, 2004

caution: perception of history may shift during memory trip

In my recollection, I've only pulled off one April Fool's Day joke/prank. I've been involved in pranks before, and come up with some good things to add to the prank, but have never been an instigator. But this one April Fool's Day, many, many years ago, I was the inventor creator of The Best Prank Ever. I only capitalize it so much because that's how my little seven-year-old brain thought of the prank at the time. It was Top Notch Stuff.

See, I was in the first or second grade, can't remember which (but I was around seven years old), and every morning I walked to school with my friend Evan. I lived on the corner of two streets. He walked a block down one street to my door, then the two of us walked down the other street about two or three blocks to our elementary school.

On April first, while I was getting ready for school, the idea for The Best Prank Ever came into my mind. I can't remember how I set it up, but I remember rushing into the dining/living room where my mom was and, acting all flustered and hurried, I said something like, 'he's early! And I'm not ready yet! I still have to eat breakfast!'

I remember my mom jumping from her seat at the dinner table. She jumped up, all worried like, and started to help me with whatever preparations still needed to be done.

I lasted maybe ten seconds after my mom jumped into action before I busted out with the giggles. I so got her! My mom. I tricked her! Ha!

I wish I was a good enough writer to describe how I was so very proud of myself. It is truly one of The LAMEST Pranks Ever, but at the time I was immensely proud of myself. Because I came up with it all by myself. And carried it out without a hitch! Lil' ol' me. Pulling one over on the adult. Wheee!

Later, and for years after, my mom always denied that I tricked her. She pretended that she knew I was going to try and pull something. I always knew better.

But now, as I think about it, I think my mom was right. She probably knew what I was up to the second the thought came into my head. My intentions of prank pulling were probably written across my face with the bright shining glee of a mischievous little seven year old. But bless her sweet mommy heart, she played along anyway and let me think I was The Best Prankster Ever. At least for the last seventeen years or so. :)

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