Tuesday, April 20, 2004

i'm the pink pie wedge queen!

If I ever find myself competing in some Miss 'Look At Me I'm Prettier Than You Are' beauty pageant I know what I'm doing for the talent portion of the competition. I'm going for the pink pie wedge! Well. Okay. Not really. But I doubt I'll ever have to come up with a better talent.

Last night my mom called me for help. Because she'd been called upon for help herself. See, some friends of my aunt and uncle are visiting them down in florida. They were sitting around, talking and drinking, drinking and talking, and the topic got around to a particular actor. A particular actor whose name eluded them in their semi-inebriated state. They became obsessed with finding out this name, so they called my mom. Because she's good in a pinch like that. :) My mom told me last night that my aunt, her sister, has called her at the strangest times with Hollywood flavored trivia questions. In the past, my aunt has had brain fart moments and has said, 'let's call my sister! She'll know the answer!' And my mom always did. So she became my aunt's 'Go To Entertainment Trivia Girl'.

So last night my mom gets the call. My aunt describes an actor to my mom and asks, 'what the hell is his name?!' My mom knew exactly who they were talking about. But blanked on the name. It was riiiiiiiiight there on the tip of her tongue (don't you just hate when that happens?) but the name eluded her as well. So she called me. Because I'm her 'Go To' girl (aka Last Resort Girl. Heh.)

*phone rings*
Me: hello?
Mom: I've got a strange question to ask. I need to know a particular actor's name.
Me: oooookaaaaaay
Mom: *proceeds to tell me about my aunt's 'predicament', which has become her predicament*
Me: *chuckles*
Mom: okay. have you seen any Steve Martini movies?
Me: he writes books doesn't he?
Mom: yeah. but some of them have been made into movies.
Me: uh... I don't think I've seen any...
Mom: have you heard of Paul Madriani? ((the character in the steve martini movie the actor had played))
Me: nope. Doesn't ring a bell.
Mom: oh. Well,...

My mom was drawing a blank on this guy's other acting gigs, in a case of under-pressure-mind-blankness, so she tried to describe the actor to me. I can't remember exactly what she said, but as soon as she said 'barrel chested' an image popped into my head.

Me: is it Brian Dennehy?

My mom thanked me profusely. It was going to bug her all night until she remembered his name. I saved her from the torment. Go me!

Mom: you da man!
Me: *thinking I should tell my mom not to use that phrase because 1) I'm not a man and 2) she sounds really dorky saying it*
Me: *decides on the more appropriate* yeah yeah. I know. I'm awesome.

We hung up then so she could relay the information to my aunt and her friend on the other side of the continent. Ten minutes later my mom called me back to tell me that I was now 'on call.' If my aunt ever needed a trivia question of that caliber answered she was now going to call me directly. I doubt it, because even though my mom is 'getting older and more forgetful' (her words! I'm not dissing the mommy here!) she still knows a heck of a lot more than I do. But we still had a good laugh over it.

So yeah. Its good to know I'm useful for something. :) Now if only I could turn my cache of useless knowledge and speedy-trivia-accessing mind into a lucrative career...

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