Thursday, April 29, 2004


i spent most of yesterday's workday 'ALT+TAB'ing between work stuff and 'paint'. i had to ALT+TAB whenever someone came into the office, which was highly annoying, because i not many people here would appreciate my need to do artsy stuff instead of work stuff. silly people. so with all the switcheroo-ing i didn't get my new banner done until this morning (while there's less office traffic.) you might have noticed the new title (look up) on your way to this post. if not, you're either reading this on some fancy rss/xml/feed thingy or... dude, you blind! i guess there's always the option that i fucked up somewhere and didn't do something right, but that's just an ABSURD idea, (me, fuck up? pfshaw!) so that option automatically gets canceled out of the Realm Of Possibilites.

so yeah. big colorful title. i really wish i had some fancy drawing program on my 'puter at home. then i could draw a super cool logo for myself. for now, i shall settle with the above. and go draw more smilie faces. and figure out ways to infest the blog with them. mwhahahahahahaaaa.

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