Monday, April 26, 2004

i'm mellllllltinggggggg! i'm melllllltinggggggg!

seriously folks. i'm melting. no impersonation of the wicked witch here. i'm FREAKING MELTING.

earlier it was sort of warm in the office, or so the others (i.e.: silly men) thought. they tried to turn the temp down, but the thermostat thingy was stuck. something was wonky with it. so they, thinking they have found The Almighty Solution, tried to switch this thingy with the thingy from another office. but it didn't work. in fact, it made things worse. somehow they made the heater turn on. yes, THE HEATER! we have the FREAKING HEATER on during one of the hottest days we've had here in awhile. It's 95 degrees outside. and 87 degrees inside!!! GAH!!!

it took them awhile to realize the heater was on. when they realized this, they turned it off - or thought they did - and couldn't understand why the temp kept rising. ::shakes head:: its off now. but the air conditioner still doesn't work. so the temp in here will be stuck at 87 degrees for the next hour or so. which is how long i still have to be here. :(

i'm thinking about sitting in my car for a few minutes with the air on full blast. for about 45 minutes. i can come back in when its time to clock out. yeah. that sounds like a good plan. because any idea of doing any more work here today is completely shot. because its too damn hot. my brain cells are gooing. i can't focus... don't want to move around to much... makes me too hot... can only afford small keyboard typing movements in order to bitch and complain about the stupid temp. :)

update: holy sweat stains batman! the air conditioner repair man is here! the guy who called him said he wouldn't be able to come out until tomorrow. but he's here! (with just minutes to spare since i'll be out of here soon. where was he an hour ago?) but wait... what's that? is that cool air i feel on my warm clammy skin? why, yes! i think it is! (if it isn't, then i'm seriously confused.) cool air. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

update to the update: its not getting cool in here. that coolness i felt was just the room dropping two degrees down to a nice and warm 85. the hallway is cooler, and is therefore cooling down this room a bit. but not enough. a/c guy says he can't fix it. but someone will be buy in the morning with the right parts. ::sigh:: hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow. if not, i'll be taking the day off. :)

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