Thursday, April 08, 2004

no snot germs gonna hold me down, oh no, i've got to keep on dancing...

i've now got that 'Break My Stride' song stuck in my head. drats and darn it!

on top of all that i've got a cold. and having a cold sucks donkey nuggets. my eyes are all itchy. snot is flowing everywhere. my sinuses are threatening to burst. normal, crappy cold symptoms. i think i read somewhere that the flu season was over. so hopefully my cold stays cold and goes away soon. very soon.

because the germs are holding my higher reasoning brain cells hostage. and they haven't issued damands yet. i thought maybe it was french fries they wanted, so i had some last night. nothing changed. today i think i might try a milkshake. an oreo cookie milkshake even. if the little germ bastards still aren't placated well... hopefully catching the last day of the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 marathon on Spike TV will do the job. because i don't have to work tomorrow. woo! that means i can stay home and wear my penguin pjs all day and watch hours and hours of DS9 goodness. yay for holidays!

even made up ones such as "Spring Break." yep. that's why i don't have to work tomorrow. not because its 'good friday' or anything like that. no, its 'spring break'. not that it matters. main point here is i don't have to work tomorrow! whooooohooooooooo!

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