Monday, April 26, 2004

blog salon date

my blog wasn't in much of a blogging mood last week. yeah. that's it. i'm blaming the blog. it is her fault though. we played a round of the Blame Game and she lost.

but the blog had a good reason for not wanting to post much. it was in a pretty big funked out mood. mainly because the blog's been jones-in for a new look. nothing as drastic as a face lift. or a whole facial template rearrangement. it just wanted a quick dye job.

so that's what i gave it this morning. its not much, nothing really fancy, but boy does it feel better. and spunkier. it might even get a column pierced or something. that's how invigorated the blog now feels.

the color probably won't last very long. (unless i get lazy and don't want to change anything). i had wanted to dye it purple. or pink even. because that'd be something different. but the blog hasn't been this particular green before so its all good. i really like this green. its cool. and it reminds me of may. i was going to wait until it actually was may, but me and the blog felt like celebrating the month early. yay may! :)

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