Tuesday, May 17, 2005

And the answer is... Miss Touchy McFeelYouUp, in the car, with the shovel!

This week, on Tuesday is Chooseday...

Would you rather...

1. have to hold onto the roof of a speeding car for a block OR jump from a moving train traveling 50 miles per hour?

I think more damage would be done if I jumped from a moving train. That requires some form of jumping and landing skills, of which I have a very limited supply. But holding onto to the roof of a speeding car? That just requires holding on skills. I think I could manage. I mean, sure, it would be super hard, but people do it in the movies all the time! How hard could it really be?

You know what's really hard? Trying to transport a huge 10+ foot cardboard sign, the kind mayors use when running for office, by placing it on top of a tiny little car. We (my friends and I) put the sign on top of my car and I held on with my left hand while driving with my right. The two guys with me, one in the passenger seat and the other right behind him, had a hold of the sign with their hands, their arms sticking out the windows. No bungee cords or ropes or strap down apparatuses of any kind were used. Just our hands. I had to drive about 2 miles per hour. Anything faster and the wind got up under the enormous sign and tried to rip it out of our grips. Pain. In. The. ASS!

Now that was hard. But my body? No where near as susceptible to gusty winds as a big ass cardboard sign. So I should be able to manage.

2. put a sick budgie out of its misery by snapping its neck with your hands OR put a sick dog out of its misery by hitting it with a shovel?

I'm not doing anything with my hands. Ick!

3. see lots of movies in theaters for six months where other patrons were too loud OR not see any movies for a year?

My first thought was that anything would be better than no movies for a year. Loud people? Bring 'em on. Along with my movies! Lots and lots of movies!

When the HB and I first started dating, he had a friend who worked at a nearby movie theater. The place was really lax on 'guests' of employees, so all we had to do was walk up to the door, say we were guests of the friend, and in we went. For free. And if the friend was working the concession stand? Free popcorn and sodas! Since we were poor starving college students (still kind of are, actually) this was the perfect date destination. It was a big 14 screen theater, and for months there wasn't a movie out that we didn't see. It was awesome. And then the power was abused, as it always is, by people trying to take too much advantage of a good thing. Friends of friends of friends tried to get in their other friends, it got out of control, management got fed up and soon afterwards employees were no longer allowed to get their friends in for free. Bummer that!

But while I'd like to see lots of movies in theaters for six months, especially the next six months, I don't know if I'd want to watch them with people that are 'too' loud. Loud can be okay tolerable. But too loud? That would ruin the whole movie going experience! Instead of enjoying the movie you'd be too busy imagining creative scenarios in which you make the loud people shut the hell up. Permanently.

So I think I'd rather not see any movies for a year. Then watch all the ones I missed in peace and quiet so I can truly enjoy them.

4. have the ability to heal by touch OR have the ability to see the future with 85% accuracy?

Heal by touch. That would be awesome. Seeing the future would be cool too, but just because you can see the future it doesn't mean you can change it, to prevent the big nasties from happening. But with the healing touch power you'd really be able to change things, you'd be able to help a lot of people. Totally awesome.

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