Friday, May 20, 2005

Missing Chair Update

I did it. I just switched chairs. I got my beloved chair back!

I saw the chair stealer guy and the guy who's office they were in walk to another office. I waited a few minutes and they didn't reappear. Then I rented me a set of brass balls (Gonads R Us! We rent by the hour!) and went and got my chair back.

And my heart is still racing from the fear of getting caught and having to try to explain why I'm playing musical chairs.

Not that I should have to defend myself or anything. It's just a stupid chair. It's not even that great a chair. It's just better than the other chairs and...

God, I'm such a dork.


  1. you do not need to explain yourself. that is YOUR CHAIR. and it is unacceptable for someone to take it. if they took it, from YOUR DESK, because it's the most comfortable, then they should know why you are taking it back. ... because they are rude. if they just took it, because it was there, they won't care.

  2. sure, it sounds so reasonable when you put it that way. i'll have to remember that the next time this happens (because i'm sure this won't be the last time). maybe i should hang a sign from the chair that says 'this chair has cooties. sit on it at your own risk'.