Friday, May 20, 2005

I'll take 'Things That Suck' for 300 please Alex.

I still don't know how badly the new Star Wars movie sucks. I didn't watch the movie yesterday, but not because of a lack of effort on my part. I called the HB to see if he was asleep, because I'm psychic like that, and, indeed, he was asleep. Until I woke him up that is. (heh, sorry sweetie). I didn't bother to buy tickets then and figured it was all for the best since the boss's boss had acted all weird when I'd asked him if I could leave early.

An hour or so later, a half hour before I normally would have gotten off of work, the HB calls me up and says, 'hey, are you coming home?' Oy vey. I wasn't going to leave, but then the little chickie in the red cape and red tights on my shoulder said, 'go on, I dare ya' and apparently that was all the motivation I needed right then. I said, 'eff it!' to no one in particular and took off. I rushed home, picked up the HB, and rushed to the theater only to find that tickets were sold out until a time that was too late for the HB to see the movie and still make it to work on time. Bummer dudes. I was ticked off, mainly because I felt bad for leaving work. And then I felt annoyed for feeling bad for leaving work. And that made me irritable.

Fortunately this was quickly fixed when the HB asked, 'where to now m'lady'. He called me m'lady. Sigh. That made me feel all fluttery inside.

'Where to' was Walgreen's. I wanted a new notepad for this idea I want to start writing about so bought a notepad with a cutesy flower cover (because for some reason all the half used notepads I have just wouldn't do.) I also bought a spiffy air freshener for my car (it smells like apples!).

Oh, and I bought cards for upcoming birthdays. I really wanted to buy a 'make fun of your age' card for my mom, but wasn't sure she was ready for those kind of cards yet. So I went with the 'I'm the good child and I'm sorry for not rubbing off more on your other child' card. That was the best non-'ha ha you're old' card. I also bought a card that points out my dad is one year closer to making up shit like old guys like to do. I bought another card for my best friend who's birthday is holy crap just eight days away! (don't worry Z, I've bought more than just the card, but... um... you might not get it before your b-day. d'oh!)

The Boyfriend bought (because you're all dying to know all the fabulous details, right?) some B-6 vitamins and some weight loss pills that I hope don't work because they're expensive and if they work like I've heard they do I might just cave and buy some myself. But damn they're expensive.

For dinner we went to this new place called B-Man's. I love their teriyaki chicken bowl but I'm trying to be different every time until I work through at least half the menu - and since this was only my third time there I got the teriyaki chicken sandwich and french fries. The fries were most excellent but the sandwich sucked. It sucked almost as badly as the Casper Van Dien made-for-sci-fi-channel-tv-movie (The Fallen Ones) the HB thought would be funny to watch while we ate our dinner. Bleagh! If you've ever seen Casper Van Dien act, or seen a sci-fi movie 'original', you know the awfulness that was this sandwich. Man does that guy suck.

As I was pulling out of the B-Man's parking lot I was worried about the safety of my small coke. It was too small to fit securely between me and the arm rest thingy so I said, "hold on to this for me, will ya?" Immediately the HB's hand clamps on to my boob. I slapped his hand away and kept on driving. "Not the boob silly. My drink." "Oh. My mistake," he says in faux innocence. He grabs my drink, gets it situated in a safer place, then says, "If I can't hold your boob I'll hold your drink. And it will..." he interlaced his fingers together and emphasized how stuck together they are "... complete me." This made me laugh, which is just one of the reasons why I love him. :)

So while I didn't get to go see the star wars movie, and my lying-to-a-boss was all for naught (but its good practice right?), my day ended well with the purchase of a crisp new purdy notepad, french fries, and a couple of HB-induced laughs. Ahhhh... good stuff.

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