Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Remind me again why I got out of bed today.

This Guy, who's one of the key players in organizing this big globalization between all us sister facilities (sounds so boring and complicated, don't it?) is coming to our little place to smack us into shape. Well, it might not be that bad, bad enough to warrant an office smacking, but I'm sure he's going to make us feel bad for being so far behind everyone else. Though I don't think we're that far behind, or even the most behind.

All I know is that my boss scheduled a FOUR AND A HALF HOUR MEETING for me and my group to go over a bunch of shit with This Guy. I can't see there being FOUR AND A HALF HOURS of stuff to talk about. I can't, because it hurts to think about it. It hurts me to my very soul. I don't know if The Boss scheduled that much time for the all insightful reason of just in case, but I'm crossing my fingers for it. A coworker, who's last day is this Friday, is trying to get out of the meeting. I think he should suffer like the rest of us. He says The Boss says it'll be two hours minimum.



And after that? There's an important and what I'm afraid might be an incredibly boring and confusing conference call I have to attend. The scheduled times of the two overlap, so at least I'll have an excuse to ditch the first meeting early, a better one than Soon To Be Gone Coworker's 'i'm not going to be here next week so what do I care'. The Incredibly Long Meeting is scheduled for 10 am to 2:30 pm. The conference call is scheduled from 2 pm to 3 pm, and probably will run over.

So I may not post any more today. I may not have the time. And after the conference call, I may not have the will to do anything but drool and stare at my cube wall.


Maybe I'll write/doodle something interesting on my notepad while I pretend to be taking notes. Yeah, if only I didn't have to pay attention and give feedback.

Drats and doggy darn its!!

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