Monday, May 02, 2005

Mutter mutter blah blah blah

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 117

I say ... and you think ...?

  1. Texas :: where I'm going in june for a cousin's wedding. Yeehaw!
  2. Scholarship :: money. Something I'm going to need a lot of when I go back to school.
  3. Runner-up :: contestant
  4. Mustang Sally :: ...guess you better slow your mustang down... (I love this song. In fact, its playing on my computer right now! Sweeeeeet!)
  5. Jones :: Mr. Jones and me... (this is one of mine and the HB's Top Favorite Road Trip Songs Of All Time)
  6. Hard to get :: guy
  7. Jewish :: mother ((not my mother, just a mother)
  8. Crew :: neck shirt
  9. Cable :: Guy
  10. Assistant :: Trump... oh wait, he's on The Apprentice, not The Assistant. D'oh!

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