Wednesday, May 25, 2005

You don't need a broken toe to dare to be stupid.

Dude, Showtime and those other pay-extra-to-watch movie cable channels are awesome. There's cussin' in them thar channels!

The other night I was watching Penn & Teller's Bullshit! show (which totally rocks the cat box) and Penn called someone a fucker! *tee hee*

I have no idea why that delighted me so. But it did. Made me giggle. The F word made me giggle. Probably because of the way he said it, and who he said it about.

It was a very enlightening show, this Bullshit! show. The first one was about ouji boards (at least the last half that I saw.) The second was about how Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and the Dali Lama aren't all perfect and saintly and holier than thou like I'd been lead to believe. And I was easily lead there too, not questioning for a second that they were and did anything but good things. But if you think about it, its highly unlikely that these people would be completely 100 percent perfect, because they are human after all. But sheesh! The things I never knew about these people! Makes me want to read more about them, to get a bigger picture than a half hour bullshit show can give me. :)

Sigh. If only I had the time.

You know which Twilight Zone chills me to the bone? The one with the guy who loves to read books and time stops and he's so excited because now he has all the time in the world to read all the books he's always wanted to read and... and... and his glasses break - dun dun DUNNNNN! Oh the horror!

Other than the cussing though, and silly Penn & Teller antics, Showtime sucks. It really does. There's nothing on those channels that I want to watch. Nothing! What good is a free movie channel package when all that's showing is crap?

Well, its free. That's what good it is. And so far my tivo receiver thing hasn't crapped out on me again.

*crosses fingers toes arms legs boobs and other twisty bendy parts while knocking on wood with forehead.*

Cheap generic desks are still made out of wood right? They haven't invented some cheaper concoction yet, have they? Maybe its plastic. I didn't just bang my head on the desk for nothing, right?

*knocks on a stack of papers*

(Post title courtesy of The Dr. Phil Random Quote Generator )


  1. I love you

  2. ahhhh. anonymous love. aunt shelly says that was the best part of her twenties.