Friday, May 20, 2005

Frell you Friday and the guava llama boat you rode in on.

First someone steals my chair and violates it by sitting on it without so much as a how-you-doin'.

Then some one calls me up to tell me my car has a flat tire!

Aren't Friday's supposed to be safe havens from the big bad Beginning Of The Week and Middle Of The Week. I mean, Friday's are supposed to be something you look forward to. If it keeps this up, I'm going to have to start looking forward to Thursdays instead. You don't want that now, do you Friday? You don't want Thursday to steal your glorious thunder now do you?

Sure, I got my chair back. And sure, there's a tire shop up at the mall that's just a hop, skip, and two quick freeway interchanges away that a coworker says sometimes doesn't charge you for fixing flat tires. But still, Friday's are supposed to be nice and warm and fluffy and pure.

I'm just irritable today. I need to remind myself of the phone conversation I had with my mom a couple of days ago. She asked how I was doing, and an automatic 'fine' flew from my mouth. She said that was good to hear because I was the first person she'd talked to that day that was doing fine. Not to be out done, I told her how I'd hurt my back again (no biggie, really, because I'm all better today). Then she tells me about my dad, who hurt his back, right before this big group golf trip him and his golf buddies had planned for this weekend. Then she told me about my brother and the boil he'd had removed and how much pain he was in and all the puss and blood and ew gross gross gross. Then she told me about my aunt J, her sister, who went to the emergency room last week because she woke up in the middle of the night with half her face paralyzed. Thought it might be a stroke. Turns out to be Bell's Palsy, which, while still majorly sucky, is a lot better news. Mom told me not to laugh at her when I see her in a couple of weeks (and I was extremely offended that she would even need to say that to me) but that I can laugh with her. I guess my aunt's cracking a lot of jokes about it, like saying at least she'll be saving money on makeup since she can only put it on one side of her face, and saying things like 'hey! My forehead wrinkles are gone!'. An extraordinary way of dealing with it, to my way of thinking.


So, in retrospect, I'm having a MUCH better Friday than my loved ones.

I take it back Friday. I still love you. No go be nice to my family, ya hear?

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