Monday, May 09, 2005

My First Ever Britney Spears Dream

I've had some fun and rather interesting celebrity-guest-staring dreams. The dream I had Friday night though, the one staring Britney Spears, was really... creepy. And not just because I was dreaming about Britney Spears.

I'm not a fan of Brit Brit's. Can't stand her really. I don't like her music and I don't like the sound of her voice, whether she's singer or just plain ol' talking. She's Grade A annoying in my book. And what's up with those pictures of her walking into gas station restrooms with bare feet?! Groddy! I sure hope she washed her feet before coming into my dream.

So, okay, let me explain something that happened Friday night, which is the reason why the dream took the form it did. The HB and I drove up to my parent's house Friday after work in order to be closer to Saturday's wedding destination. When we got there, Buster, my parent's dog (who used to belong to my grandpa before he got to old to take care of him), got really excited to see me. Buster, a scrawny little Chihuahua mutt mixture of pure energy, was shaking, barking, and dancing in circles as soon as I stepped through the door. How adorable is that?! Almost makes me want to smuggle him home with me. (It'd be more than 'almost' if it weren't for the whole popping thing and need-to-be-walked thing). So the dog is vibrating with excitement, and I call him over to me and pet and scratch and coo lovely little sentiments about what a wonderful little doggy he is. And I think to myself, Buster is so cute, if only he were smaller I could carry him around like a little accessory, just like Britney Spears does with her dog Bit Bit.

I don't think I've ever wanted to accessorize like Brineyt before, so this disturbing thought kind of snapped me back to reality and I went and said hi to the parents. The HB and I talked with my parents for a bit (with my dad doing most of the talking because he had a bit too much wine in him, and that turns him into a motor mouth, an adorable motor mouth that you just can't say 'enough already!' to.) After awhile though, the HB and I finally went to bed. Right before I got into bed I took off my earrings and placed them on the dresser.

So that was that. Then there was sleep. And then came the dream...

I'm sitting on a bed in a bedroom that doesn't resemble any bedroom in particular. I'm sitting at the foot of the bed and Britney is sitting up near the head of the bed, but it's a small bed so we're sitting close together. Because apparently we're friends like that. With her is her tiny little dog, Bit Bit. I remember seeing a thick, tube shaped pillow between Brit's knee and the wall. On the pillow (or whatever it is, a cloth bag perhaps) are the initials B.B. And I remember thinking, in the dream, How cute! It's has the dog's initials on it!

The next part of the dream that I remember has the dog trying to get past me, and for some reason I don't want it to. For some reason, it's not a good idea to let the dog get past me, so I grab its leash and drag it back towards Britney. The dog tries to run past me on the bed three times, and I feel bad every time I grab the leash, because I can tell the dog really doesn't like when I do that. On the forth try the dog gets past me. Did I let it go, or was it too clever that time? I don't remember.

I turn around and see the little dog on the bedroom's dresser, only its not a little dog any more. It's a RAT. And the rat has the back of one of my earrings in its mouth! GROSS! So I start smacking the rat's back, hard, over and over again, until it spits out the earring back. It eventually does. The rat continues to hack on something, like its a cat with a mutant hairball, but I don't care because at least my earrings are safe.

And that's all I remember of the dream, really dumb dream that it is. Thankfully Britney wasn't in it for long. (Bitch probably ran out of the room to let me deal with the dumb rat dog all by myself!) Her rat/dog was in the dream longer than she was. But what does it all mean? What was the dream trying to tell me?

When I remembered the dream on Saturday morning, I figured the dream was my subconscious trying to tell me my earrings were dirty and they needed to be cleaned for some reason before I wore them again. Silly me though, in the rush to get ready for the wedding I completely forgot. Oops.

So yeah, that's my Britney Spears dream. I told the HB about the dream, and he said he's had similar dreams. Only I wasn't in them. And neither was the rat dog. But Britney and the bed were there. Har Har. If only I could have had one of those dreams. I think it would have been a lot more interesting.

Because you know what, now that I think about it, this dream was a lot more interesting right after it first happened. Now? Not so much. :)

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