Friday, May 06, 2005

Fifty Word Fiction Friday Vol. V

Jimmy's Hollow Head

Jimmy had taken a lot of crap in his life but enough was enough.
"Whaddya mean my balls look like Mr. Ed?!" he yelled at his girlfriend.
"I said," Claire enunciated slowly "this doll's got a hollow head."
Jimmy remained sheepishly quiet while Claire continued shopping for craft supplies.


The Mission : write a story that's exactly 50 words using this week's theme phrase 'hollow head'. (Or hallow head. Or haunted head.)

The Inspiration : I have no idea where this one came from to tell you the truth. It was very roundabout. All the good ideas have apparently already left to start celebrating the weekend. This one was the runt of the litter, not fast enough to keep up with his brothers and sisters, so it got left behind. Sad sad sad.

I might try and write another one, a better one, but its almost time for me to leave and start celebrating the weekend myself. And by 'start celebrating' I mean go home, pack my bags for two days / two different types of weather (its forecasted to rain on Sunday, but not on Saturday, which is the day of the wedding. Eek!). That will take forever because I'm feeling very annoyingly self conscious about the dress up portion of tomorrow's festivities and know it will be ever more so tomorrow so I'll be packing as many outfits and pairs of potentially wearable shoes and accessories as the bag will fit. Oh, and I have to pick up a quick Mommy's Day gift on my way home. Then me and the HB are going to jump on the freeway and join all the commuters who are either driving home from work or traveling out of town for Mommy's Day. Traffic is going to be a bitch! Instead of a 3 hour drive it could turn out to be more like a 4 to 4.5 hour drive. Fun stuff!

I still have to get through the next thirty minutes first though. And the last thirty minutes felt like thirty hours! Gah!

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