Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tuesday is Chooseday!

Would you rather...

1. find naked pictures of you on the internet OR naked pictures of one of your parents?

Naked parent picture. I think I could block the memory of a naked parent picture better than I could block the knowledge that there are what can only be highly unflattering naked pictures of me floating around the internet. Pictures that I could never get back and destroy.

Plus, naked internet pictures of moi will not help me in my bid for Intergalactic Dictator.

2. sneeze every hour on the hour OR squawk like a chicken whenever anybody says "chicken"?

Sneeze sneeze sneeze! I love to sneeze!

Though the squawking like a chicken thing could be fun. Maybe. If I knew what a squawking chicken sounded like. Because, I mean, if I'm going to impersonate one, I want to do it right. Not that it matters any, because I'll be sneezing instead. Achooooooooo!

3. be locked inside a car trunk for an hour OR strapped to the top of a 30 story building for an hour?

Um... locked inside a car trunk. That way, next time I read a book (Club Dead) or watch a movie (Sneakers, Out of Sight) where this happens I'll be able to identify with the character more. Plus, I could reenact my whole Locked In A Trunk With Only A Crowbar Named Mr. Clooney To Keep Me Company fantasy. Yeah, sounds like good times.

Plus, the other option, the one about being strapped to the top of a really tall building? Not so much fun. Especially if it requires being strapped to the side of the very top of the building. Because I think there'd be a strong possibility of peeing on one's self in that condition. I.E. - not so much fun.

4. everything sweet tasted like listerine OR everything rotten tasted like chocolate fudge?

Everything sweet tasted like Listerine. I don't want to eat rotten things, and if they taste like fudge it'll be too tempting. And too confusing. Plus, if sweet things tasted as nasty as Listerine I wouldn't want to eat them any more. And that would be a good thing.

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