Monday, May 16, 2005

He's not heavy, but he is a pain in the ass.

Sometimes, even a loveable pain in the ass.

My brother called me last night. Wanted to wish me a happy birthday. Yeah, he was just a bit late. Six days late to be exact, but it was still great to hear from him. He apologized a few times for being so late with the birthday wishes, and I told him it was all right because A) I was going to call him up and give him a bad time for not calling me on my birthday, but I'm forgetful lately too and B) at least he called within the same month as my birthday.

He said I could call him a week after his birthday, to make up for it. But I think I'd rather call him on his birthday, rub it in that I'm the good sibling who remembers her brother's birthday. I can be bitchy like that sometimes. Heh.

And then, in the grand family tradition of giving family members a bad time, on my next birthday, before my brother has a chance to even think about calling me, I'll call him up and start singing, "happy birthday to meee, happy birthday to meee..."

My mom forgot an aunt's birthday once. She either forgot to call, or was really late with the phone call, can't remember which. But for several years after that my aunt, on the aunt's birthday, would call my mom up and start singing 'happy birthday to me...' Since I wasn't my mom, I thought it was really funny.

I can't wait to annoy my brother this way.

Now if only I can manage not to forget...

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  1. that's always the hardest part... not forgetting...