Friday, May 13, 2005

Beware the W. S. O. D. (And no, I don't mean the Wobbly Saucy Obscene Dancers)

Beware the W. S. O. D.

Mary Sue had been staring at a blank screen for hours and still didn't know what to write. It was beginning to appear that inspiration wouldn't be striking any time soon. Until then though, Mary Sue was determined to stare at the blank page, that taunting White Screen of Death.

The Name Of The Game: 50 Word Fiction Friday - Vol. VI

This Week's Theme: color

This Week's Inspiration: uh...

The inspiration was that I had no inspiration. I couldn't think of anything to write about. So I decided to write about that. That fact that I was writing about myself sort of inspired the main character's name, Mary Sue. Though this Mary Sue isn't a true Mary Sue. If she was, she'd be doing something a lot more exciting than staring at a stupid blank page.

I almost didn't have time to write anything today, what with the meeting (which was actually kind of fun in an elementary school sort of way) and the being-taken-out-for-lunch thing. And buying my tickets for my trip to Texas (!!!) next month. And doing all the must-be-done-Friday work things. It's been a busy, busy day.

And now that I can cross off the very necessary contribution to 50 Word Fiction Friday, I can officially go home. Well, in thirty more minutes.

29 minutes and 53 seconds... 29 minutes and 37 seconds...

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