Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Just a quick update on the Great-Vacation-Itinerary-O-Fun

Here's a quick overview of my (tentative) vacation itinerary, in case anyone was curious...
(Because I'm too excited thinking about it to do anything productive. At least for the moment.)

Wednesday :

Wake up at 4 o-effing-clock. The HB is driving me to the airport, so if both alarms don't wake me up, he will. Flight leaves at 6am. I was all about The Cheap and not Convenience when I booked my flight. Hopefully this won't come back to bite me in the still-half-asleep ass.

After a brief stopover in Denver, arrive in Texas a little after 1pm. Get picked up by mom and aunt J. Drive for about an hour to the lake.

Relax, eat dinner with family, play cards or games or some form of entertainment of family get together tradition. Sleep - in an RV. Haven't done that in awhile. (Note to self: pack parent approved pj's.)

Thursday :

Read a book
Sip margarita's (I heard auntie J is bragging about a new recipe for us to try)
Sit out on the deck and fish (which, according to my mom, is best done while reading and sipping margarita's)
Write stories and dear diary entries about vacation so far
Hang out and gossip with family

Friday :

Same as Thursday for the first half of the day. At night, my texas aunt and uncle are throwing a bbq rehearsal dinner at their place. Whether this is at the lake house or their place in town I have no idea. All I know is that I'll be in texas. Yeah!

I just plum love going to new places.

Saturday :

In the morning - I've been invited to a bridal shower of sorts. Of sorts = no presents.

(Awe crap. I just remembered I haven't bought a wedding present yet. D'oh! My wedding present was just going to be a gift certificate to Target (one of the places they've registered at) but still, I can't believe I forgot. I was just there this weekend! Now I've got another errand I have to run before I can go home and pack. Grrr.)

So, a bridal brunch for all the girls. (Note to self: pack something nice to wear for girly get together). This will be the first time I meet my cousin's fiance. (And yes Zoink, I've already forgotten her name. D'oh! I think there's an S somewhere near the middle...)

At night - the wedding. Outdoors. At 6:00 pm.

I'm trying to figure out how to install a mister and fan system in my bra because I'm sure it will be hot. I think I heard that rain is forecasted, which would suck because I'm totally not packing for rain, but with my luck it will be hotter than the devil's ass when I'm there. Bleagh. That means I'll be sweating up a rather unattractive storm. Double bleagh. Though I guess that would be better than rain during an outdoor wedding.

Sunday :

I was going to fly back home this day, but the Texas uncle and aunt are having a fish fry. I can't very well leave before then, now can I? Of course not.

Monday :

Fly home in the evening. I think my flight from Texas leaves at 6 PM. I wanted to leave a lot earlier than that, but again, I was just following the Path of Cheapness.

I have a layover for two friggin hours in Denver but at least that gives me a little time to souvenir shop, as there won't be much time for that before then. Unless I get dropped off early at the texas airport.

I'm scheduled to arrive home a little before 11pm. Thankfully I only live about 15 (20 minutes at the most) from the airport. Hopefully I'll be asleep before midnight.

Dude, its going to so SUCK waking up Tuesday and going back to work. Bleagh. Maybe I should ask for another day off. Does jet lag qualify as something you can call in sick for and not get in trouble over? Not that I'm going to wuss out and call in sick or anything. Just might be handy information to store for later.


  1. Isn't her name Cassandra? -Z

  2. ohmygoodness. i think that's it. you must have, like, super hero memory or something!

    either that or my Name Remembering Receptacle is teflon coated. :)