Thursday, May 05, 2005

Come on everybody and do the New Kids dance!

Did anyone learn this dance? I didn't. I crushed hard on the New Kids On The Block, but I never learned their dance. Does that make me less of a fan? I owned all their cassette tapes and slobbered all over their posters (that were hanging up on the wall above my bed). That should have been enough, right? Actually, if I were a true fan I would have wrote them soppy obsessive love letters and joined their fan club and begged my parents to take me to their concerts. Which I never did. Guess they never floated my boat that much. But oh how they stared in many a daydream.

And I actually never really owned all of their albums (in cassette form). My (younger) brother bought (or was given as a gift) their Step By Step album. So I didn't have to buy it.

If he were here right now, I bet he'd deny it. But I know the truth bro. I remember how you wronged me, hiding the tape from me so I couldn't listen to it, hording it for your own listening pleasure. Oh, how that hurt me so! The scars run deep bro, the scars run deep.

Jeez, I'm a bit over with the dramatics today.

My excuse: I've got one of the NKOTB songs stuck on repeat in my head and its driving me INSANE!!

Step by step. Oooh baby. Gonna get to you girr-rrr-rrr-rrrl....

Too bad I never learned the New Kids Dance. That's just one less move I'll be able to bust this Saturday (at a friend's wedding). One less move in my bust-a-groove arsenal. Bummer, that.


  1. aw man... i was totally in love with NKOTB. but i, too, never learned the dance. my favorite was Joey, of course. i had a bunch of t-shirt, night shirts, posters, and even one of the dolls [the Joey one]. i never went to any of their concerts either cuz i was, what?, 9 or so? i can't even remember. but i do remember that my parents felt i was too young and wouldn't let me go, and they weren't about to take me either. but boy was i obsessed with them. there wasn't much of the internet around during those times, so i didn't have access to all those many intricate, fan-ish details that kids get about famous people now a days. but i did have magazines like 'Bop'... LOL

  2. joey was my favorite too. only because he was the closest to my age (which made it more believable that he'd meet me and fall in love with me and we'd live happily ever after.) the age difference between me and jordan was just too much. :)