Friday, April 29, 2005

Fifty Word Fiction Friday

Promiscuous Bill

Bill couldn't believe the newspaper article. Senator Suzie McHeadupherass was trying to pass a bill to outlaw vasectomies!

"I believe vasectomies promote male promiscuity," the senator was quoted as saying.

Bill shook his head. He'd always thought being from fucking Nova Scotia was the reason for all his manly whoring.

This is my submission to Jodi's 50 Word Fiction Friday Challenge Vol. IV.

The Challenge : story should include vasectomies and Nova Scotia
The Incentive : super extra gooey chocolate chippy bonus points
The Inspiration : one of Jodi's previous posts, including the comments.

This 50WF thing is just too much fun. :)

1 comment:

  1. i am in LOVE with 50 word fiction day. it's the best day ever. thank go it's a friday. it makes fridays even more fun. i know the idea of 50 word fictions is not mine. but the idea for 50 word fiction friday is the best idea ever!!

    i'm a frickin' genius.