Wednesday, March 10, 2004


It's Blog It Forward Day, and I have two blogs that I would like to recommend to you all. And they are...

Dan Wheeler's Happy Freaking Ray of Goddamn Sunshine

first of all, how could you not read a blog with a title like that? I love it. Second of all, his 'bobo puppyhead comics' are a must read. They are an insightful look into the dynamics that make up a relationship. Such as The Blind Date. The comics make me smile, which pushes the blog into the 'Must Read Daily' category. I also get all kinds of warm fuzzies when the girl punches the boy. Because hey, they always deserve it, right? :) I'm not really selling this right, so if you're not convinced, go check out the blog anyway. His comics are great stuff. Seriously. Go check him out.


Words For My Enjoyment

this is a recent addition to my blogroll. And a new favorite. his stuff makes me smile, which qualifies him also for Must Read Status. At least in my book it does. PaulyD is a great writer, posting amusing anecdotes about this and that and Hollywood, anal leakage, and his thoughts on q-tips. Very amusing, high quality stuff here. Seriously. So go check him out. And check out his berries while you're at it. That sounds kind of naughty, but it isn't.

So to recap, that's Dan Wheeler's Happy Freaking Ray of Goddamn Sunshine and Words For My Enjoyment. Check these blogs out. You won't be sorry that you do. And if you are sorry, then... well... no refunds here. Sorry. But yes, I do validate parking.

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