Monday, March 15, 2004

i need a new straight jacket. this one totally clashes with my shoes

my eyeballs hurt. i don't know why. probably because i've been staring at a computer too much. and because i was trying to finish my writing assignment. which i finished in the nicholas of time. go me! now i need to go eat lunch, because there is a rumbly in my tumbly and its speaking Hungarian. ha! get it? its speaking... eh, never mind. i'm too smart-brain-cell deprived at the moment to explain. and now i shall leave you with a song. or a poem, in case you can't hear my humming.

monday, monday
why do you suck so?
monday, monday
you just a big hairy ho!

thank you! thank you! ::bows to the applause:: i'll be here all week. unfortunately. ::grumble grumble::

seriously. i'm going to find something to eat now. toodles everyones!

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