Monday, March 01, 2004

technology can bite my big fat ass!

yeah, that's right. technology can just kiss it!

i can't see my blog. i open up the page and all i see is blueness. it's a pretty color and all, but i want to see the rest of my stuff dammit! sometimes that will happen, where nothing will load, so i give it a second or two. or hit refresh. then voila! the content appears!

not this time though. i see nothing! [insert frustrated squinty face here]

and this morning, i typed up a long rambling email and when i hit the 'send to' button to fill in the email addy the Blue Screen of Death pops up, or whatever fancy name windows users have for that piece of shit message.


and this last weekend, i'm working on my writing assignment, and i get to the point where i need a change of pace. just a little one. i had written two versions of the assignment (because the first one sucked) and needed to mesh the two together. no problem. i'll just print both out and do my meshing and editing from the comforts of my comfy chair. only my printer decides not to work. the bastard. it worked just FINE the other day, but not when i really needed it. i kept getting some damn 'spool' error message. nothing worked. not even when i attempted to print a 'test page'. the HB suggested i reinstall the software for the printer. so i did. then i printed a test page and it worked! woo! so i tried printing out my assignment-in-progress. and guess what happens... another damn spool error message!


on that note, happy monday everyone! :) or at least to anyone who can see this. :)

[EDIT: i can see my blog now. yay! it seems all i had to do was bitch about it. An important lesson to learn there kiddies. Now if I could only fix my printer the same way...]

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