Thursday, March 04, 2004

I heart pudding art

Do you know what I haven't done in a long time that I'm really in the mood for today? Chocolate pudding finger painting.

I haven't done that since... gee, I think since the first grade. I remember sitting with my classmates in one big line outside the classroom. We had large pieces of butcher paper in front of us, along with a little bowl of chocolate pudding. We could draw whatever we wanted to. I remember it being so much fun. And so liberating to be able to stick your fingers in pudding and smear it all over a sheet of paper without fear of a grown-up yelling at you to 'knock it off this instance or else!' Well, in case you were a rebel kid and decided to decorate the side of the classroom building in some sort of chocolate pudding stick figure caveman motif.

I never did anything like that. But I'm sure I entertained a few ideas on the subject.

Today I am in the mood to have that 'I really shouldn't be doing this but am going to do it anyway' jittery feeling. I'm also in the mood to lick chocolate pudding off of my fingers. So all I need is some chocolate pudding and a sheet of butcher paper. Or a wall...

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